Comment: The "real" argument is a logical fallacy

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The "real" argument is a logical fallacy

Sorry, but you can't blame everything on the media or the government or academia-- there's got to be a point where folks have to take some personal responsibility as well. How many "real" Christians support/ed the War on Terror, War on Drugs, et cetera?

Also, I find it a bit rich that so many Christians talk about being persecuted, yet most (certainly not all) go around telling non-Christians that they're sinners who are going to spend an eternity on fire or some such.

Finally, how come Christians almost never talk about Muslims being persecuted? Oh right, because the persecution of Muslims is actually happening...mostly by Christians (but not the 'real' ones!) I apologize if I come off as snide, but I see that 'real' argument pop up all the time with people whenever their group of choice gets criticized.

I can agree that Christians get a lot of flak and are unfairly targeted at times, but that could be said for many, MANY groups.

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