Comment: Its not about being libertarian

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Its not about being libertarian

Its about following the Law. Real law.

How are can you have a closed border that does not break the law in the process? I really want to see the responses to this question.

I have looked at this from every logical angle that is constrained only by applicable law and I cannot ANY lawful scenario in which a closed border can be implemented.

To have a closed border one must have some form of legally recognized ID associated with them to determine access or not. Lets assume this is considered a voluntary act for a moment to enable the first stage of a lawful existence of such a concept. Men and Women who voluntarily contract to be bound from certain prohibited activity are bound from performing unwarranted searches and seizures of person papers and effects. How can they not break the law and demand any papers?

If we peel it back to the real root of the situation. How can they require anyone to have any papers whatsoever? If you are travelling and someone interferes with your path of travel and says you must be under some form of contract to move around this is felony extortion being committing by the man attempting to force a contract upon you, and it is Common Law breach of your peace if they do not leave you alone when demanded to cease and desist with their unlawful activity. If they do not leave when requested to do so and then use physical violence to kidnap you then this piles up felonies quickly for the initiator of such actions.

I could go and on here with examples of how crimes must be committed to have any such closed borders applying to anyone who has not voluntarily contracted for such regulated movement.

You give opinions you have but what about factual explanation to demonstrate strict congruency in Law? Are you capable of making a case in Law for a scenario that would break the law in the act of attempting to carry out such a scenario you suggest? If you choose opinion over Real Law then by the order of divine law you shall be a in a nation of men's opinions and not in a nation of law.

You inherently choose whether realizing this fact or not. This is the inherent order within divine law. This is not about libertarian(ism) it is about people humbling themselves before the knowledge of the universe (seeking truth) and living within the Laws of the Universe.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...