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I dig it

I like it, but I'd probably prefer the old Daft Punk (of course) and they'll play the hits. I'm sure they'd be fun to see live. I'm guessing they will entertain similar to the Flaming Lips. If I was in the So Cal area I'd suggest we setup a Liberty tent and use the music festival as a vehicle to spread the ideas of liberty. Now that would be fun!

I think you should go to Coachella. It's probably not as cool as the Gorge, but that's a tough venue to beat. I'm sure glad I went to all the music festivals I went to before I had to grow up ;) . I've got 5 years on ya and let me tell ya, it's definitely tougher to justify going to music festivals. If you go then you should give us a report on the festival.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.