Comment: he just won't quit;(my neo-con buddy)

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he just won't quit;(my neo-con buddy)

He said: "post this on the Daily Paul"..." Run with it kiddo, I am still reeling with anger over the New 21st Century Kristol/ Wolfowitz thingy-report you dummies cite"

I responded: "When you're right-wing radio guys "they need to lock all them 9/11 truthers up", like Glenn Beck said Ron Paul supporters are 'terrorists', you'll be saying HELL YEAH!!!"

He did ONCE admit, he has questions about Building 7...but, he also said if it was a controlled demolition, it was wired same day!!!

I share this because he told me to; but also, because this is what we're up against...neighbor against neighbor ... This guy and I were paired together to run the half mile in high school, 1986.... I sense this is going on all over the country in one form or another, and the divide and conquer masters are going to STIR THIS POT!