Comment: I am not one of "EVERYONE"?

(See in situ) I am not one of "EVERYONE"?

The ONE thing I dislike the MOST with DailyPaul, a site I visit almost every day, - is the strong language coming forth when discussing Glenn Beck. It is a sad sad sad thing that there are so many here who really does HATE him!

Apart from the point that you are not supposed to hate any other human being, - I am very SURPRISED about how many here who KNOWS all the reasons to hate him. What a lot of crap!

I for one, and there are many others, even here in DP, does NOT know whatever it is you claim to know. I for one does NOT hate Glenn Beck. This does not mean I agree with him all the time, - but I most certainly do not hate him, and to some degree I do even admire him. And often I have asked God to bless him!

But since "Everyone" knows this and that about him, (and I assume therefore should hate him) I am one of man who is not allowed to be part of "Everyone". Excuse me, but this kid of stupid language should not appear on Daily Paul. Ron Paul himself for sure would not agree with this! And I am 100% sure he does not hate Glenn Beck either.

Which also makes Ron Paul one of those who is not counted in "Everyone"....