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How To Brainwash A Nation

Thank you, celeste. That interview with the KBG agent was posted here a while back, but well worth a revisit. What struck me about it was that it basically sums up former Congressman Curtis Bowers' own findings as per his documentary Agenda - which I also highly recommend. Namely, those four stages (planned against America):
~ 1) Demoralization - Change the perception of reality (takes 15-30 yrs minimum to educate one generation of students; we're already well over that);
~ 2: Destabilization (takes 2-5 years) - economy, foreign relations, defense systems;
~ 3) Crisis (could take only 6 weeks); and
~ 4) Normalization - Soviet-style Fascism in place (could last indefinitely).

FYI, there was an interesting Part II to the KGB interview, how he escaped. It's amazing what we take for granted.

AGENDA documentary:
AGENDA - Karl Marx Chart:

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