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Why do you say there were

Why do you say there were more than 2 bombs? Because the media said so? Has the media ever gotten anything wrong when reporting breaking news?

As to the photo of the track athlete and his coach. Look closely at the photo where he supposedly doesn't have his bag. His arms are stretched straight out in front of his knees and there is a large space between him and the person in front of him. It is entirely possible that he his holding the bag in front of himself. Why? I don't know because his shoulders are tired or he was getting out a camera or any number of other reasons.

But you of course believe Jeff Bauman was lying and he didn't see a guy in a black hat and sunglasses and he didn't get his legs blown off. I've also heard from others that you wouldn't never be conscience if that happened (false), that explosive wounds don't look like that (false), that blood isn't that red (false), that he would have bled to death (false, not with a fireball cauterizing his wound and a guy in a cowboy hat holding his artery closed).

Let's go through the conspiracy steps:
1. It's fake and they are actors.
2. They are pinning it on these two guys.
3. These guys work for the CIA/FBI
4. They were hypnotized into doing it.

What the hell is it?

The simplest answer is that these guys wanted to hurt people and they did. Evidence supports it, the evidence I've seen anyway. I don't watch the news. All I've done is look at photos and read statements people have made.

I'm open to seeing other evidence if you've got it. But so far everyone seems to be confusing evidence with conjecture and possibility.

Sure it's possible the government was involved in making this all happen, but give me some freaking evidence.

It doesn't matter what evidence there is you wouldn't believe it.

You want this to be a false flag / fact terror / who knows what, and you are sculpting the evidence to suit your own predetermined story.

I thought the track guys could have done it until I saw the other photos of the brothers, the black backpack, the younger brother leaving his bag on the ground near the boy who was killed, and hearing of Jeff Bauman's accusations.

Sometimes reality is hard to swallow but you can't blame everything on the government.

What you are doing is turning rational people off of the idea that false flags are even real. They are real, but you and others are crying wolf.