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Playing games with unintended consequences.

The Democrats want to open the borders because they think the new immigrants (or newly legalized immigrants) will vote Democrat. Their purpose will be to expand the welfare state, not to promote freedom either here or abroad.

Liberty Republicans don't need to influence this debate at all -- it's something the Democrats already want. And I think we ought to let them have it, good and hard.

They look forward to having more Democrat voters, to cement their hold on power and to build a bigger welfare state. Let's assume they get what they want. We're already broke. When you find yourself in a hole, the smart thing to do is to stop digging. They are not smart. Digging deeper, they will soon hit rock bottom as the world ditches the dollar for sounder currencies. They will not be able to continue funding the welfare state, and will be forced to curtail benefits. This is already happening.

Now look at those new immigrants. Mostly NOT folks looking for handouts. They're looking for work, and absent legal barriers to their obtaining legal employment, they will find it. That will make our country MORE prosperous, not less. Will they vote to keep the welfare state rolling along? If they're smart enough to vote with their feet, I'm going to guess they're smart enough not to elect the kind of people who forced them to do so.

But wait, there's more! As the law of unintended consequences pushes the USA closer to freedom (kicking and screaming against it every step of the way), the brightest, most ambitious and most productive people from other countries are going to want a piece of our action. That's what made this country great, once upon a time. The opposite of a "brain drain."

Will foreign governments be smart enough to emulate our deregulation and liberalization, when they see their best and brightest heading our way? If they do, the world will become a better place; if they don't, only our country will. Works for me, either way. That's the only way we can or should "influence debate in other countries."

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