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Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura speak out all the time. I believe they are still alive. Or are they not?

Holy Balls.....are they ghosts? Did the government break into the spirit world and release Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones to discredit conspiracy theorist?

I can feel myself waking up. The illuminati are coming as reptile people in alien spaceships from planet Zumbobedoodoo.

Oh no......I better buy lots of canned goods. Does Alex Jones have one of those filtration systems to get the fluoride out of my water so I don't turn gay and stop reproducing? Are they going to cover my daughter in gold and eat her in China?

Oh no, Oh no.....I'm afraid, Maybe I should subscribe to Alex Jones right now!! How about I make a donation to Alex Jones? Please take my money!! Take it all.....SAVE ME FROM THE SCARY NWO that I've never seen or could prove....OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!