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The orange is the apple?

What do you do if someone trespasses on your property?

You may:
Ask them to leave.
Accuse them of trespassing and take them before a jury.
Or both

Now maybe you might be a nanny state zombie and just say you would call the police. Well if you call the police the question is; are you going to accept liability for your accusation against the alleged trespasser? If you say yes you are accepting liability for the accusation then you would be seeking lawful remedy from a jury for your breach of peace. If you said no you won't accept liability then there is no accuser who a member of the governed consenting to the powers of Justice (Just Powers) and therefore there would be no case, no jurisdiction by the courts and thus no trespassing in fact because the fact must be determined to be true beyond all reasonable doubt by a Jury.

Just calling the police to have them take care of it and demand that no one accept liability for their accusations is the path of the nanny stater and is exactly why tyranny is consuming America. This tyranny is sourced from actions by men and women without identifiable liability of accusers and no liability for there own actions. If you are not the accuser then the defendant cannot face their accuser and their rights would be violated.

If they come here and trespass private property all they need to do is be accused of trespassing and brought before a Jury for determination of lawful remedy. Either we are going to protect People's rights within our jurisdictional borders or not.

One other failure of acknowledgement is the man or woman's property you may claim to be here "illegally". Their time is their property/liberty. If anyone takes their time without their consent or without accepting liability for the time taken for false accusations then their property is taken. So the real question is do you joeinmo believe in property. What about their property Joe?

One other issue cannot address either is the fact that what about me Joe? I don't want papers and I don't want peace disturbed in any way. If anyone disturbs my peace then I want remedy for that Breach of Peace from a Jury. I want to travel anywhere I want freely without trespassing upon any other. If the border barbarians demand papers from me then they acting outside the scope of their Contractual duties because they are violating their voluntarily agreed to 4th amendment prohibitions by subjecting to me any breach of my peace from the breach of their duty. How can you resolve this in law? You can't it is impossible with our Constitution.

You still did not address the felonies that are committed under the current paradigm. That is because you can't. It is because these felonies are being committed everyday without any justice for those committing the crimes.

If you want to challenge my logic then challenge the logic in law. I am only seeking truth so I will be happy to correct any errors in my logic when the fallacies are directly pointed out in Real Law. I define Real Law as the law where no laws are broken in the process of enforcing the law. If someone breaks the law while claiming to be enforcing the law then they are just a lawless tyrant or completely confused and should be disregarded for the purpose of upholding the law.

It sounds like you might just be a supporter of lawless tyrannical government Joe.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...