Comment: The 14th amendment was never lawfully ratified

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The 14th amendment was never lawfully ratified

Pointing out the 14th amendment in defense of supporting the Constitution is proof of your ignorance of history and law. Read the congressional minutes of what was happening in congress when the 14th amendment was supposedly "ratified". Read about who the "representatives" were who were there. Read the damn Constitution itself and ask yourself why did they make all "persons" under employee status of the "Government" subject to its regulatory codes? Can you say treason, Fraud, Extortion?

Dude, the People are men and women and are not "Persons", are not "US Citizens" and not "citizens of the United States". You seem severely confused. Either you are trolling or confused. If confused I welcome you brother to awaken to the deception and trickery of 14th amendment. It is THE source confusion in America today and why we have no rights only privileges and immunities decided by political democracy.

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