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So Bad...Really Bad

It's truly appalling how screwed up this tangled story keeps getting. They create a disturbance, he "believes" on MIT campus...assassinate the MIT officer and then carjack some guy (who the hell is this person and why hasn't there been an interview) and take him along and get money but DON't execute him. Conveniently, they provide evidence of their guilt in the bombing by confessing to this stranger and then dropping him off to go give testmony. But then, somehow, they end up in two separate cars and just decide to stop in a suburb of Watertown and get out and engage police. And how did the police know where in the suburb these guys were taking an easy drive? Oh that's right, these brilliant kids took along the carjack guy's cellphone -- how convenient. I was so relieved to know that actually DID have a second car, cuz I was trying to figure out how they were hauling a couple handguns, a long gun, at least one pressure cooker bomb, multiple other "grenade" type ordinance and got all that transferred to the car that they carjacked ... But if they had TWO cars, then I guess all the stuff was in the first car they had. But then did one car just trail the carjacked car while the victim took his money out? Did one brother share some of his supplies with the other brother in the second car so they could both throw stuff at the police. And bout the strength of those guys. One of 'em hurled a pressure cooker bomb through the air and it exploded (no timer on this one?) and was embedded in a car down the street ... so I'm hoping they'll show us some pictures of the debris from that bomb. I mean, if it was the "same kind" of bomb as the marathon bombs there should be some carnage or damage somewhere to establish this "evidence."

Not sure where the photo is now, but I recall seeing video of the alleged older brother dead in the street while cops are all around and his arms our outstretched above his head and his hands are hyperextended. Really weird post-mortem posture. But the alleged older brother photo circulating (the more graphic one) shows his hands flacid. And the doctor who supposedly attended the older brother said he was "in arres" (not dead) and they tried to save him but this dude says he was killed by the brother running over him. Was he dead or not on arrival at the hospital. The guy in the road looked pretty dead and nobody was working on him to save him.

Folks, this is so much like Sandy Hook in the level of contradiction and confusion. Seems to me the only thing we can conclude for sure is that we are not going to know the truth. It will remain a debate of speculation ad infinitum. It makes me sick. And by the way, we are in BIG trouble if it takes 2000 personnel to get one 19-year-old, plus assistance from Israelis and the president of Russia.

Truly like living in a bad B movie.