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Comment: hey everybody..

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hey everybody..

and I mean this as 'WE'...

The DailyPaul is a community of people. We are all devoutly individual and I respect everybody that shows the same.

This post was meant in humor.. to hopefully join two sides of the debate in a laugh.. hence the 'ONLY damn thing they are good at.' line and smiley face to boot.

While I get irritated with the direction our community goes, I still understand why. That doesn't mean I have to agree with it.. but I still respect it.

The DailyPaul represents a huge cross section of people. The binding force is our faith in Liberty. So while I may peacefully disagree with some conspiracy theories, or religious beliefs or anything really... I still have the utmost respect for everyone here.

Individualism is paramount. This collective defending everyone else's right to be an individual is why I will never leave.

I didn't expect this much of a reaction to a joke. Maybe a few comments.. a chuckle or two.. and a couple hard nosed folks shouting at me.

I appreciate the response.. After all.. it was only a joke.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul