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Were you even a member before the election?

Dude.. You have no idea what long time members of DP and RPF have gone through.

When an election is going on.. there is plenty of news and activism. When the elections are over.. there are to many conspiracy posts!

Dont believe me...?

Lets see how this site lights up when Amash runs for Senate.. or what direction Ron wants to take the Liberty movement during the run up to it. While the conspiracy folks are always going to post.. when an election is going on, their voice isn't nearly as loud.

Would you like for me to describe to you how disruptive, combative and disrespectful the 'truther' movement was at our meetings? Would you believe they consistently freaked out people by yelling and screaming '9/11 was an inside job!!!'

Let me tell ya.. as a member since 07.. and a meetup group leader.. it fkn sucked donkey ass multiplied by herpes.. times ten.

So buddy.. lighten up. I also wrote that front page post, Define: Tolerance

I understand the conspiracy folks want a voice and welcome them to the debate.. just realize.. its a fkn debate. Your faith doesn't mean you automatically win.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul