Comment: Whether or not I comply isn't the question,

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Whether or not I comply isn't the question,

the question is how will they enforce it. Therefore I am in the slow process of removing almost all of my money from savings and putting it "elsewhere". I feel that when compliance is not given then they will try to take and I don't want my life savings confiscated. I will retain a small account to pay bills and such but I will no longer depend on the banks to protect my savings.

I'm still not clear on whether 2014 is when you first have to prove you have insurance on your tax return or is 2014 just when you have to have insurance which you will need to prove on your 2015 return? They said the mandate kicks in in 2014 so it would seem that the latter is correct. Does anyone have clarification for me?

I also wonder what they do if you don't make enough money to have to pay taxes even, will they still try to fine/tax you for non compliance? Will they subsidize your insurance? What if they try to subsidize and you still don't want to be part of the socialist insurance system or apostate healthcare system, will they subsidize the fine/tax you have to pay?