Comment: I am angry.

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I am angry.

I am angry.

Very angry.

See how that works.

Deaths at Boston marathon.

Real "terrorists" from alien power or not?

I tell you in truth: it does NOT matter.

Here is what matters: American people DIVIDED. CONFUSED. TERRORIZED.

Stealthy: the INDIVIDUAL rights treaded upon, spitted upon.


By the BLOCKS and STREETS of an entire city, for a one man hunt.

They are MAKING FUN of you, while ANNIHILATING the remnants of memory of YOUR Bill of Rights.

They CAN come after me to deny MY first Amendment rights.

I WILL BE HONORED to serve as an example to prove my point.

My family? I trust them to fight back should that occur.

The fix is in.

Expect more of the same.

Now I know why Ron Paul remains so mild.

I KNOW he is waiting for the people to be sick enough of it.

He is killing two birds with one stone:

not upsetting himself, and preparing the restoration.

Now he has other wise men around him.


And "bear".

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