Comment: More questions about JFK library fire. Do they let people smoke

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More questions about JFK library fire. Do they let people smoke

in there? Wouldn't a building like that have sprinklers and smoke detectors? Very few photos of damage on line. They are all the same pictures.

April 15-RT- No conclusive evidence linking Boston JFK Library fire to Marathon blasts: Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis now says the 4:30PM library incident was in all likelihood not related to the Marathon explosions. It has been described as a mechanical fire from an "incendiary device", rather than a blast.

Boston Globe yesterday, April 19: Fire at JFK Library caused by discarded smoking material.
The fire at the JFK Presidential Library and Museum in Boston Monday was caused by careless disposal of smoking materials, city fire officials said.
“In light of what had just happened at the finish line — and the library is of course a high-profile place in Boston — it caused a lot of speculation,” Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald said. “It took a while to get to the facts.”
The fire broke out in an HVAC system in a section of the complex that opened in 2011 and houses offices, a classroom, and some archival material, he said Monday. The building was evacuated. No injuries were reported.
The Globe previously reported that the fire caused some damage to the exterior of the building. It blackened the area of what appeared to be a side entrance, and some windows were shattered.