Comment: Fair and reasonable to you (which is fine by the way)

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Fair and reasonable to you (which is fine by the way)

To someone who happens to view the output from Infowars as relevant and meaningful (even if partially so) its insulting from the get go.

A minion is defined as: a follower devoted to serve his/her master relentlessly.

So the word in the title is pejorative. Its insulting and demeaning in its intent from the get go. From there it offers an either/or question as if that sums us the position of the minions vs. himself. Ignoring there are many levels of in between here.

After this the OP goes on to claim Dr Paul as falling on one side of this either/or. Not recognizing the depth of responses he has given in different interviews, the limitation of him saying anything polarizing on this topic as it relates to his other (and even more important) endeavors.

You take the name calling a step further (which is obviously your right) and then shout that its a civil dialogue. You are engaging in the same antics you are decrying.

The truth is that there are a lot of vociferous JOnes/INfowars supporters on this site who may tend towards extreme support *as is thier right). ANd then there are many more who take it for what it is....another resource of information. Some incredibly unique, insightful, and important information. Along with bombast, bluster, fallacy, and the like.

I think the debate would be better served in finding common ground instead of drawing lines of separation. And IMO, this would start with realizing the post is insulting and demeaning (as are many responses).

Why punish people on the DP for believing differently if they support the core beliefs that you do? Why spite Rand in 2016 if he represents your most acceptable candidate.

I would guess that there is MUCH more in common than in difference.