Comment: I see their actions made the "Liberty" look bad?

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I see their actions made the "Liberty" look bad?

No man.. It was their fanaticism that scared the shit out of regular folks. Conspiracy is a lot like religion. A whole lot of people believe it, but it doesn't make it true!!!

Tolerance is paramount in situations like this. I have repeatedly said why I understand the need for these posts, it doesn't mean I must subscribe to those beliefs. A healthy DEBATE is awesome. It clears the air and gets to the bottom of things. When one side shouts down the other, it accomplishes next to nothing. The 51% feel good they beat the other guy... but in all actuality if nothing is debated, who gives a shit who won?

Their actions made them look bad, but by attaching themselves to our movement they scared off a bunch of potential allies. Does that make sense?

If the conspiracy folks could tone down their rhetoric and accept debate, then we could move forward.. TOGETHER.

Again, the binding force is Liberty.

Invoke a bit of tolerance and less hostility to those that disagree and see the tree of Liberty blossom without any patriot blood.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul