Comment: Sounding a bit like a drama queen

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Sounding a bit like a drama queen

Neither you, AJ, the MSM, the US government, the police, Ron Paul, or even my mother can convince me of what the truth is anymore. I don't consider myself to be the type of person that repeats "truths" that I have not personaly verified. If you think that Ron Paul's life service was not to get us all to wake up and stop believing what the MSM and gubment has been telling us, then you have not been paying atttention. I don't even listen to AJ except when someone here posts something that I am interested in hearing, in search of the truth. I want to hear alternate versions of stories. I want important issues to be debated from multiple perspectives, especially by liberty lovers. TPTB have the loudest microphone on earth spewing constant lies all the time and the only weapon we have against it is the truth, which is much harder to come up with.

I guess I'm not alone