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I don't believe in appealing

I don't believe in appealing to government and begging for your kids back. So, anything you do aside from that is the best answer, regardless of the outcome. Be a good example to your kids. Do not teach them to beg to authority for their rights - take your rights, assume your rights. No waiting through a corrupt court system to give you your rights back. We want an entire population raised upon the idea of not putting up with a single violation of their rights. We want our kids to be raised with the spirit of resistance and rebellion. With the belief that anyone claiming authority who violates an individual right should get the death penalty - automatic even if accidental. Do not raise your kids to be weaklings whose only method of recourse is a lawsuit - which you probably won't win anyway. We want action.

Its people like psuedonymous who are responsible for the pussification of this country. Probably raised by wuss-bag parents and that infected her psychology. It is a disease and it is alive and well within the "Libertarian half-breeds". Look at how much of a pussy she is - she wants me to get banned because I told her what I think. She wants to appeal to the government of this forum to protect her from my honest assessment of her. She is not a libertarian or a voluntaryist, why is she here? She is lost.

My goal is to draw a clear dividing line between those who are for real and those who are not. Because it is those who act like they are on your side but who when it really comes down to it, are your worst enemies. We are headed somewhere - a new continent. Not everyone will make it there. Some are too weak to survive in the world that is coming, the world we are creating. It will arise amidst the initial chaos of anarchy.

Death to Tyrants!