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They didn't hold their

They didn't hold their parents up at gunpoint - that is just the story they told so they (the grandparents) wouldn't be considered in on it because the police may assume that the Grandparents agreed to the whole plan and then they would be in trouble.

You aren't even able to think beyond the freaking news headlines.

"OMG, Pot!!!" "I would never ever never ever smoke pot around kids cause it is sooooooo dangerous and such a bad example for the kids."

Listen to psuedonymphs expert analysis on how to handle this situation. We know exactly what you would do... you would bend over and take it from the entire justice system after your kids have been subjected to pedophilia for 5 years. Government: "Oh, you can have your kids back now, we already ass-raped them and played with their balls a thousand times. thanks for being a pussy and not standing up for yourself and your family."