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Comment: Well if any crime where people die is terrorism

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Well if any crime where people die is terrorism

And anytime the government distorts the truth is a false flag, then you are right - but how the hell is the Gulf of Tonkin a terrorist incident ?

I am asking for something very specific and very simple. 1 specific terrorist incident - here are a bunch of examples

Unless you count drone strikes, please show one event that was proven to have been directed by the US government. Proof requires evidence of the involvement, not speculation. We know the US spyed on the USSr because they captured Gray Powers in the act.

And yeah, the FBI uses entrapment to catch "terrorists" that aren't really terrorists, but that is not "directed by the government". That's the problem with the AJ crowd. Definitions change, speculation equals proof, and anyone who doesn't follow their weak logic, and mushy thinking is "asleep".

So now you are spouting crap, because you can't answer my specific question.