Comment: watching the scene unfold overseas

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watching the scene unfold overseas

I was in Germany visiting family, and woke up just as it was hitting the fan. I threw on CNN, big mistake, I know, and immediately turned it off and went to reddit, and the Daily Paul.
Michael is right, watching this happen in familiar spots was not something my brain could understand. Seeing paramilitary forces in the residential neighborhoods was something that happens in Belfast, or Baghdad, not Watertown. Being thousand of miles away from my home and watching this happen was difficult to process, as if it were in a movie. Then I realized, we are.
I have not been able to get a song out of my head since that morning/night.
Stiff Little Fingers-Alternative Ulster

Nothin' for us in Belfast
The Pound's so old it's a pity
OK, there's the Trident in Bangor
Then walk back to the city
We ain't got nothin' but they don't really care
They don't even know you know
Just want our money
And we can take it or leave it
What we need is
An Alternative Ulster
Grab it and change it it's yours
Get an Alternative Ulster
Ignore the bores and their laws
Get an Alternative Ulster
Be an anti-security force
Alter your native Ulster
Alter your native land
Take a look where you're livin'
You got the Army on your street
And the RUC dog of repression
Is barking at your feet
Is this the kind of place you wanna live?
Is this where you wanna be?
Is this the only life we're gonna have?
What we need is
They say they've got control of you
But that's not true you know
They say they're a part of you
And that's a lie you know
They say you will never be
Free free free
Get an Alternative Ulster, Alternative Ulster, Alternative Ulster