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There is a huge difference my Dear Friend in India,

"Yet all of these things happened. "

and you wrote about those things after they happened to you. Millions of things will happen to you today that you can write about.

The difference between what you wrote and what is provided by the prophets is that different people wrote about criteria that a certain single person, The Messiah, must meet several hundred years before the arrival of The Messiah and years apart from each other's writings and the criteria was fulfilled by a single person including prophecies of a death that he would endure called crucificion before that manner of death was even invented. But he is not dead, he rose from the dead as was prophecied and was seen by hundreds and he will return and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is the Son of God.

I am very busy this morning and would like to give a more detailed statement filled with the facts and will be happy to do so later tody.

My Friend, don't be sad, this is the most wonderful news!