Comment: To kill or not to kill - thats the question

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To kill or not to kill - thats the question

If you believe the press is free and would snoop in your operation and instantly would disclose any of your faked victims, real killings would be the strategic best choice. If you on the other hand believe the press is not free, and the news reporters on national news are as controlled as fighter pilots, faking it would be better.

You don't have to get involved in a conspiracy to murder with no Statute of Limitations. Would be easier to recruit people to the operations without real killings. The operation management would expose themselves less to blackmail. You would not have to mess with a real murder investigation. Don't have to fight angry victims family members in court, that would never let it go. Better control on the operation. Make as many victims as you need and could rewrite the story if necessary. The whole operation could be designed as a First Amendment protected free speech exercise to protect the involved media crew, and formally just a drill to protect the agents in the Government (or something).

Real or fake victims isn't important at all. But the REPORTING is. Almost everyone will believe the REPORTED story anyway, even if it is ridiculous faked. A bad soap opera will do. I Promise.