Comment: It's a very powerful and liberating teaching

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It's a very powerful and liberating teaching

Hatred has no effect on love. Love consumes, overpowers, and utterly destroys hatred. Love undoes everything hatred tried to accomplish and then some. It has the greatest effect on the individual than any weapon ever devised. It is love that will win this war. It is the only thing that can.

As to the mode, process or extent to which you love your neighbor/enemy that depends on your degree of enlightenment and true understanding of who they (and you) really are. If you know who they truly are you will love them regardless of their actions. You don't have to love their actions to love them. God causes the sun to rise and set over the righteous and the wicked. Christ showed love and compassion to his enemies and those who trespassed against him and ultimately gave his life for them. His love and example has reverberated and multiplied through ages and has caused a change in millions of hearts. So can ours if we follow His example.

We can transform more of our enemies into allies through love than by any other means. What better way to show our enemies the power of love than to give the poor soul a fair trial. Show the world that we do not thirst after blood, that we respect and honor life and the rule of law.
We show our love by doing the right thing. Our example will be revered and emulated across the world defeating their purposes.