Comment: Wanna hear some crazy?

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Wanna hear some crazy?

Our Founders were Christians, as many here point out whenever convenient. Cool. They fired muskets, cannon, etc. at their enemies and killed many of them.

I love my enemies (who are violent murderers of innocent people: HUGE sins. Plus, these enemies have subverted too many functions / departments of our government, and they lie, covet, steal, judge, and so on... all to manipulate, rob, harm us (We the People).

I love them. I will love them enough to take their lives (should the need arise in real, actual war) to prevent them from committing further sins, so appalling in nature, against the rest of us. I will be doing their very souls a collective favor, of sorts: shortening their laundry lists of potential / future sins.

Now how's that for Love?

I will bear the weight of my sinning and full-blown hypocrisy in so doing and will find ways to "deal with it" as best I can, knowing, however, that I may be plunged into Hell.

I not only will die for Liberty, but I will risk going to Hell for it, too.


What would the Founders do?