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A little more context ...

... thank you for posting that. According to a post on that page, it is claimed that those 3 in CT were the FIRST police officers to arrive at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. That's why they were being interviewed.

Did they all ride in the same car?

Probably not. They just happened to be there before other cops.

Now then, what are the odds the same 3 guys would both be Connecticut state troopers AND also be in the Massachusetts National Guard?

About ... zero percent?

And what are the odds each "team" of 3 would look just like the other, both of which just happen to be where mass murders took place -- by sheer coincidence?

Very close to zero percent?

And why would FBI say don't look at any other photos?

BTW: Doesn't Newtown have a cop shop right down the street from SHE? If so, wouldn't the 911 call come in there and not CT state police? Why would CT state police arrive on the scene first?