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Tell that to Jeff Bauman jr and his family, friends, and co-workers. You might want to tell Vogt's family he's never coming back to live his former life again too, as he's going to have to play this Jeff Bauman thing out now.

I tell you what you can do to blow this whole thing wide open yourself and become famous for it. Since Vogt obviously has no legs whatsoever as can be seen in your pictures, then he must be wearing some kind of fake half legs now. Go to Boston to the hospital he's at, with a friend and a camera, and pull the fake legs off of him and get it on video. Then everyone will know the "truth" and you will be famous for exposing it. Sure they'll arrest you probably but the public outcry will ensure your ultimate protection for your heroic act.

Or you can just come back to reality and realize this is crazy talk, take your pick.