Comment: "Ok, not referring to him,

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"Ok, not referring to him,

"Ok, not referring to him, but he is now guilty of Treason by coming out against the Constitution and joining the terrorists."

a terrorist wouldnt be the term id use personally, and i wouldnt say hes joining it, as much as "being part of the problem"

id say graham is an arrogant bastard who doesnt believe he could be ever wrong, or has something to gain, with no regards to what he has to do to get it

off-topic, rambling, contemplations, below....

i reckon, everyone should see that possibility in themselves though, to always have it in mind that you can be wrong on something, to balance your internal scale, to take a thing with no bias, to let the facts speak for themselves, not just graham, assuming the reason for his actions, is that he believes himself, knowingly or not, 100% right, if not, MAYBE, the bribe thing then......

i can see the assumptions im making here, my suspicion......all i know, is, our governments through their actions, sometimes doesnt act like you would think a government would act if it had our best interests, our rights, in mind, suspicion is a natural path when presented with that.......its enlightening, once you start to pay attention, your mind kinda shifts, the blind trust is shattered, purely by paying attention to reality, instead of the image we have, of good government

Case in point, good people may see their government all good, because they connect the physical government, with the image of government they have in their minds, instead of the reality, when a ripple comes along, to shake that presumption, they're first subconcious reaction is to justify it, to the point where its second nature, they dont know their doing it, they certainly dont ask questions like, how did this become second nature?

one of their biggest fears is , i think, their somewhat knee-jerk assumption of chaos that would follow, if we restrict government, that tells us that they have no trust in the people, or are unwilling to risk even the potential of chaos, some might argue, looking after number one, in this case, let others fend for themselves, "if its government your fending, then you must deserve it" mentality..... in doing so, i believe, through their lack of action, will in fact be the instigators of a very different government to the one they see as a good government, up their, in that noggin of theirs

Sorry for my looooong, no doubt 2 parts gibberish, off-topic, contemplations, i had a train of thought and i kinda went with it, apologies to your eyeballs if you came this far, but in my defence, you.came.this.far....duh.....jst kidding :D