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LRC article link, Witness interview, other examples+commentary

Vox Populi Lobotomy: Why @ This Juncture, NOT assuming Govt is Guilty Until Proven 100% Innocent, is Naive

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Could the Cops Be Lying in Boston? Surely Not!

Posted by Travis Holte on April 21, 2013 08:02 AM

During the occupation of Boston it was widely reported that the bombing suspects had robbed a 7/11. That turned out to be false. The robbery was perpetrated by others. That's right; with a massive police state presence, criminals were undeterred. But how convenient for officials to let the story float for nearly a day?

It's looking like that is not the only whopper coming from officials (shocking, I know). Police Chief Wiggum has been providing all sorts of details throughout the affair and since. Here he goes into great detail about the “shootout” in the early hours of Friday morning. According to Wiggum, the older brother all of a sudden decided to come out from behind cover and walk right up to the cops, unloading his gun in the process. When he ran out of ammunition, says Wiggum, one of the heroes in blue tackled him. As officers were handcuffing him, Wiggum explains, his younger brother decided to charge them with the stolen SUV. The donut eaters were able to leap away just in time, leaving the older brother not only to be run over but dragged down the street as the younger suspect hightailed it out of there.

This all happened after what Wiggum describes as a 5-10 minute gun battle. So how did the remaining suspect elude the cops? Was there no police helicopter? Did someone at the top want him to get away?

One thing is for sure, Wiggum's story is completely contradicted by an eye-witness. She says the cops ran over the older brother, and then, in what seemed to be retaliation, filled him full of lead.

The '7-11 Robbery' that supposedly the alleged bombers patsies committed?

Eh! NOT! Never happened: 7-Eleven robbery not related to Boston bombing suspects


WITNESS: Nope, the suspect did NOT run over his own brother. The Cops did.

Linda calls in to describe the scene on Dexter St in Watertown

Fri, 19 Apr 2013

Linda explains how the shootout transpired in Watertown during the early morning hours. She saw the first suspect mortally wounded and police beginning the manhunt for the second suspect.

Who you gonna believe at this point?

Your fellow citizenry, your own research via publicly available info, and assessing witness commentaries, 'news', spin, documented facts, historical geopolitical analyses by others, and via your own individual discernment skills?

Or, an institutional guild of tax-leechin' political police & dutiful private Praetorian Guards for the Ruling Class, who have a VERY LENGTHY track record and factually verifiable history of committing crimes, whom in fact have an institutional incentive TO continue to lie, steal, cheat, entrap and murder?

Wonders never cease: it's hilarious that the 'conspiracy theorist' label gets thrown around vs. the rightfully sane skeptics, who are simply applying current scrutiny into State/corporatist actors based on factual history, vs. gullible, naive, delusional statists who are apparently suffering from generational Stockholm Syndrome and almost Pavlovianly believe everything and anything that corporatist govt goonsquads & cheerleaders print, play, or say??

Baghdad Bob, the Boston Edition:

The REAL sick, Cosmically ironic joke, is the fact that most Americans don't realize that they're essentially watching the same propaganda, on their own TV.

A Cop's Personal Guide to Lying

“Deception during interrogations to coerce a confession — that’s just good police work — and the entire enterprise of undercover work is a complex, multi-layered deception. There are also lies justified by investigative necessity, and conduct intended to deceive that is not malicious in nature.”

Why Cops Lie UNDER Oath:

Rebuttal from a Cop site:

*** Again, I would like to ask: WHEN, does the 'brand' Govt become synonymous with a guild of liars, assaulters, kidnappers, pedophiles, torturers, rapists, and murderers??

How many more factually verifiable history does a 'sane' person need see more, before accepting nothing they say at face value??

Isn't it about time, that one absolutely learns to discern incompetence and malice? That just because govt on the most part is incompetent, does not mean that there are elements of it that are not exceedingly good at setting up and destroying things, which by its nature are MUCH EASIER to do, than building or creating something worthy, lasting or beautiful?

Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp for the human race?

April 15th was another in a long line of Govt Failure Day, regardless of whether the Boston Massacre was a malicious false flag (inside job, or compartmentalized nudging cluless assets/patsies along the way, or simply letting an event happen on purpose), organic or real terrorism, or incompetence.

The only thing that matters now is, what rights will they infringe, using this event?

Will the American citizenry continue to allow their govt SERVANTS to expand the infringement on more of their rights, coming out of this current 'crisis,' or not??

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul