Comment: at least some of the victims are crisis actors

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at least some of the victims are crisis actors

wait a minute... I'm pretty sure at least some of the victims are crisis actor!!

read the comments in this article -

read this article about crisis actors at the Boston Marathon

I completely forgot about what happened to me a bunch of years ago. I was working in my brother's shop. I was making screw holes in a small metal thingy with ...I don't know what they call it... but it was heavy industrial machinery. You pull down a lever and the turning screw bit penetrates the metal and makes a screw hole.

I wasn't paying attention and the screw bit went into my thumb right at the nail. I ran to the bathroom, turned on the water and tried to stem the flow of blood.

But, then I started to fall (it was kinda of slow motion). I knew something wasn't right because I could not focus my eyes. I was falling but i was powerless to stop myself from falling, I just went limp - good thing my brother was there to catch me. Actually he lost his balance too, but he stopped me from falling onto the concrete floor. I fainted, then revived a few moments later.

It was just a small hole, not very deep, at the top portion of my thumb near the nail.

The author of the article about Crisis Actors is right... Jeff should have passed out cold from shock and tremendous loss of blood.

This is not inflammatory comments... I have nothing against Jeff personally. Just want to know the TRUTH!