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Thanks for the reply. We can

Thanks for the reply. We can work out the time-zone issue of the tweet pretty easily. And this tweet was actually posted over an hour after the initial explosion. (And there were numerous tweets on their page about the explosion before it.)

To begin - The man who created this video was using Pacific Standard Time - giving the time of 12:53PST.

Next, if you go to the twitter - and select ALL tweets (this will let you scroll back further than April 15th, for those wondering how to do that) you will see that they tweeted on the initial explosions at 1:57central (just a few minutes after the explosions occurred.) The tweet this video is touting as proof was submitted at 2:53central (an hour after the explosion).

You can check the twitter now; it is just as it was when I watched the live updates. And there are an hour's worth of tweets between (and about) the initial explosion, up until this tweet from the video.

As I've said, there's plenty to sort out about these events, but this video is focusing on inaccurate 'evidence' that is thoroughly disproven. As I said, I watched when this tweet was initially posted; and it was long after the initial explosion. (That's the only reason I was following their tweets in the first place; because they reported an explosion an hour prior to the tweet in question.)

*I'm including the tweets just to confirm this - but you should also check them yourselves.

The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe 15 Apr
BREAKING: A witness reports hearing two loud booms near the Boston Marathon finish line. - 1:57pm CST

The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe 15 Apr
BREAKING NEWS: Police will have controlled explosion on 600 block on Boylston Street - 2:53pm CST

The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe 15 Apr
Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities. - 2:53pm CST