Comment: Internet was designed to prevent government takeover.

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Internet was designed to prevent government takeover.

If they take control of the wires then traffic will go wireless or encrypted or mobile.

It will be like the roaring 20s. How does a government prohibit the free flow of heady ideas?

Congress represents only 30% or less of the eligible voters, assuming and honest vote. There is no theory of Democracy that grants authority to a minority.

Given what so many label as sheeple, but isn't that the end game; to be free of man-made fear, despair and doubt.

I find fear, despair and doubt aplenty without paying others to do me that service as they please.

If someone didn't provide justification enough court Academicians gin up a believable script. It is still a script.

Public Relations is and expense item for members of the Federal Reserve. They spare no expense, check out their salaries. According to a law passed by handful of Senators.

Until the question of governmental authority is settled, I say we follow the Constitution and move to prohibit Congress authority to use the debt to bankrupt the nation.

Then thetr is the 200,000 tonnes of Gold Congress owes to some one. Would a decade in debtors prison suffice?

Or a year in a Nerf ball pillory. Lindsey can model for Version 1.0

Free includes debt-free!