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Alex Jones, as a personality and fear-monger... NOT constructive to the political path Ron Paul laid out for us as a SOLUTION...America MUST conjure up the POLITICAL WILL to "throw the bums out"; and the message of 'those scum scum...' won't court the masses...

Ron Paul did not run on a platform priority of false flag terrorism and an over-militarized police force....he ran on reckless spending domestically(nanny state more than the police state),special interest cronyism, and empire building oversees as a waste of blood and treasure.

We know the MSM is not trustworthy, but it doesn't mean without infowars we're all hopelessly ignorant and unable to come together, talk about things that 'alarm' us; but keep it local....convicting the whole of the government sometimes is a waste of our time; it's chest-thumping....we need to ALSO get geared up to replace politicians with Statesmen, not figure out who did what at a level Bob Schultz already showed us no matter how evil and unconstitutional the tyrants behavior, executive order, or legislation; we have NO STANDING....

We distrust, we know there are elitists doing their elitist thing; but 'Alex Jones whack job' is what we're going to be labeled as....and I suspect by I will voice that opinion here whether anyone likes it or NOT!

proceed with caution...prioritize...; that's all
I'm saying, especially when half this website's content is directing visitors to his stuff!

Whose "maniacal", the downvoting trolls who don't explain themselves; or me, who at least points out he is making merchandise out of people? Should one be a millionaire patriot?

Maniacal - 1. Suggestive of or afflicted with insanity: a maniacal frenzy.2. Characterized by excessive enthusiasm or excitement: a maniacal interest in gambling.