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You should really how a

self described libertarian uses pitiful logic to call names and paint with a broad brush.

There is plenty of evidence for many stories covered on Infowars (they run many MSM media stories you laud elsewhere in this thread...more on that in a moment).

To try and paint it ALL as having no evidence is absurd and beyond logic or reason. It is obvious that you have an agenda on this thread that is roundly unaccepted and disproven based on your need to use superlatives and generalities. Maybe if you toned down the air of superiority you would actually reach people (as you professed to want to do often). But in reality it seems you simply like the attention as sad as that is.

Earlier in this thread you mentioned that the Gov and MSM provide multiple sources for some stories and should be considered. But they also have been discredited countless times. You then go on to say Infowars should be wholly ignored because they have been discredited.

You should try for some more rigor in your argumentation and a little less bravado in your obvious inconsistencies. Without that you are the one playing with yourself. And doing it in public no less...with people laughing at you while you are at it.

You prove to be more divisive than your subject of ridicule. Well done.