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The leg was torn to shreds by an explosion. The arteries to the leg, not the thigh,(posterior tibial, anterior tibial not the deep and superficial femoral)) could have been shredded. The femoral artery could be intact. The heat could have cauterized the smaller vessels, too. With laceration of an artery the muscles of the blood vessel contract and constrict the lumen of the vessel, as well. If you were not there, you cannot second guess it. When the BP drops far enough, the blood flow would decrease, as well, even from a lacerated artery. Being an ex-surgeon, who saw trauma up close and personal, I can assure you, too many assumptions are being made in these comments. Blood coming from an aortic graft, during surgery, is "candy apple" red! It is much darker in the veins (regular blood draw), after it has been de-oxygenated.

In his case, the ignorance, seen here, is astounding! It would be like me trying to describe how a fusion reactor; or an Atlas rocket is working! I would never attempt to do so.

Oh, in my surgical training at Good Samaritan Hospital, in Cincinnati (1981-1984), I assisted in many vascular grafts. I also assisted in the treatment of vascular trauma, as well. Sorry, I think that trumps medic or nurse!