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Most Importantly imo

Take a few deep breaths and some long counts before doing something you may regret. Use reason and communicate first. De-escalation is the best possible immediate outcome. If a positive relationship develops all is good.

Yet, be forgiving but do not forget. Roll with the punches but if attacks increase in severity and continue ...

... Self defense is perfectly acceptable and all necessary force is to be used in life vs. death struggle.

The problem today is that more and more people perceive that truth and justice is a sign of weakness and hence having a conscious ie. situational ethics, thus a more a careful approach is needed.

The people see that this kind of mindset is useful on and in TV, the corporate world, politics, education, etc. It is beginning to take its course but more time is still needed till what I call a 'virus' passes through the body politic. When a sizeable amount of people begin to be intune with the idea that 'let right be done' imo then the approach to love ones' enemies will become less apprehensive.