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Not taking it personally.

Not taking it personally. First three trucks on scene, Boston EMS, Boston EMS, Pro EMS Cambridge city coverage truck. Pro transported to Brigham and Womens hospital. My son was on that truck. mlang52 couple of posts below my original, briefly discusses the arterial muscle response to trauma and its effect on the lumen. Him being a surgeon (I doubt a liar), said it best for nonmedical people. There is trauma physiology knowledge available, the best being recent military from middle east experience. This is why all deployed personnell now are carrying tourniquets. The story I read about the guy in the wheelchair without the blood was from the cowboy hat guy using his belt as a tourniquet. One published interview by CNN with Dr. Christina Hernon from UMASS Medical is but one of the docs I personlly know on scene and the only one to interview that I know. Beyond that, I don't know how to prove my bonafides any further.