Comment: Yup that is pretty sad. Here is nice comment from the LA Times.

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Yup that is pretty sad. Here is nice comment from the LA Times.

From Ari Goldberg at 10:58 AM April 21, 2013

All you Alex Jones critics out there - if you love America you owe it to yourself to check out his facts, rather than assume he's just an extreme conservative talk-show host with a lot of ignorant, fearful listeners. His guests, callers, and supporters include doctors, lawyers, scientists, college professors, engineers, PhD's of all stripes, elected officials, award-winning journalists, historians, police and military officers, and so on. The cumulative weight of all their factual knowledge of the truth is much greater than what any one of you possesses. Please, check out the facts first before you criticize - you can't just dismiss him that easily without dismissing all those experts who agree with him, and you'll need to do your homework first before you can justify that. We constitutionalists want the same things you want, for the most part: peace, freedom, security, prosperity, happiness, and brotherly love. Let's discuss the problems in society with each other rationally and respectfully. Calling people vermin and sewer rats only adds to the climate of hatred and mistrust that is all too rampant in society today.