Comment: Yes, I am a Ron Paul fan, here’s why and No he is not sleeping.

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Yes, I am a Ron Paul fan, here’s why and No he is not sleeping.

Ron Paul doesn’t target Dick Cheney specifically because that is not his style; rather he stated repeatedly that Bush and Cheney “lied us into invading Iraq.” He stood up before Congress and entered evidence of Bush war crimes. That’s good enough for me as that testimony will likely be used should actual impeachment proceedings ever transpire.

Ron Paul Enters Evidence of Bush War Crimes in Congressional Record

Linking Ron Paul in the same thread with AJ is self-defeating because they are two different personas; one is a humble statesman who has sought to educate people about the Fed and its economic malfeasance and the MIC’s destructive geopolitical influence while the other is an animated radio personality who focuses on current
events disseminating data and news to an audience. The pejorative use of the word “minions” to describe AJ’s followers thus need not reflect on Paulites some of whom like AJ and what he is trying to do, some of whom aren’t sure due to his strident style, and some like me who use the data he puts out as a counter to MSM’s corporate
sponsored pablum. His site is just one of a dozen sources I access for information.

With respect to the terrorist and NWO issue, I think it’s a stretch to imply that RP would attribute every terrorist act to the NWO. Terrorism is a tactic (RP’s own definition) with a psychological component made all the more complicated via the motives of dark forces. Rather than uproot the source, elusive (RP’s own description)
and unseen, he focuses on the symptoms (blowback, police state oppression, Fed manipulation) where people can digest the ill effects of misguided policy and agendas. How many of us worked our way to and from the idea of the destructiveness of foreign aggression. police state oppression, banker/Fed manipulation, corporate/fascist oligarchy, political DC skullduggery, and false flags. Having our eyes opened did not transpire through the prism of a vacuum consigned solely to the NWO with anointed king masters. We needed to see a logical succession of discoveries before it all made sense.

Ron Paul’s congressional speech (above link): “Are we being lied to?”
I think that is the overriding question which has caused me and DPers to appreciate both RP and AJ who have taken up the task of asking that question bravely where others have failed miserably. So my last answer is yes, some of us are sleeping, but that is changing.