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Comment: Yes, it was a hard week, still is, eh?

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Yes, it was a hard week, still is, eh?

I don't know how to write about it.

My baby brother passed away. He was a quadplegic, had been drinking with some friends, raced his wheelchair (his chair could fly, fatty wheels.. heavy duty batter operated.. so he hits a rock, ambulance took him him.. his backpack with his wallet and things are missing.

A friend is in the hospital, just came out of a three day coma.

I responded because you're headline hit a nerve.

Virtually (((((((((((MN))))))))))))) we are all with you in Boston because of DP. And that may be a story in itself how we virtually live each other's terror experiences? I happen to know that you're talking about a place where turkey's roam through people's backyards. You've shared local monuments, and I wonder, did that include the 7-11?

Here's to a better weak ahead!