Comment: I don't know who set the bombs

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I don't know who set the bombs

I also don't know why they did it.
However, I do know that there are some absolute fucking dumb asses posting stupid shit about a guy faking getting his legs blown off.

News Flash!
Not everyone is an actor working for a tyrannical, maniacal government. These are REAL people who got REALLY hurt. Three even got REALLY killed. Jeff had legs prior to getting the way of the blast front. A good portion of the blood in his lower legs went WITH the lower legs. Considering how close he appears to be to the blast its quite possible that he wounds were cauterized. Its also possible that the sudden loss of blood pressure in your extremities can cause circulatory shutdown in the affected part of the body. I wouldn't bet money on it, but it does happen.
The point is, try to take a moment to breath and reflect. This event was witnesses by literally thousands of people. It was recorded on many video cameras. Many of us know people who were there when it happened.

I've been a member on this site a long time and I've seen some great stuff, gritty and honest and unafraid of the truth. Sadly, I've also seen drivel like the "those people were actors" and "no one actually got hurt" crap. Its embarrassing. We are supposed to be better people. We are supposed to be intelligent, thoughtful adults looking to further liberty. How can so many here turn from that into absolute crackpots?
Its certainly within the realm of reason that the bombing was more than it seemed. Its even within the realm of possibilities that some members of the government knew it had a chance of happening. Hell, I'll even acknowledge that its possible that some members of the government are in some way responsible.
However, let's use a little common sense and a large dose of humility and stop proving the bastards right who accuse of us of being tinfoil-hat-wearing wackos.