Comment: Your collectivist mindset is evidenced throughout this thread.

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Your collectivist mindset is evidenced throughout this thread.

This is not a Where's Waldo puzzle here.

And since you're all over the place here and can't make up your mind what you're upset about, I think I'm done.

You go from insulting people over Jones to 9/11 with regard to RP's blowback theory to Jones making a living with his broadcast show and news site and now to Jones on Piers Morgan and firearms.

Your thread here was manipulative with its false premise that is designed to take the anti-Jones sentiment some have here and direct it toward marginalization of people who don't align with RP's 9/11 blowback theory or others you see as conspiracy theorists.

I'm not a Jones apologist. Some of his things I like, some I don't. Regardless, it's too bad the anti-Jones/anti-conspiracy theory camp lets you and some others use them in your little game of trying to foment an us vs. them or ~you're either with us or you're against us~ sentiment to create division.

Not sure if you just have delusions of self-righteousness in trying to purge the movement of what you see as undesirables, or if you just seek attention and a bar room brawl. Either way, ends do not justify the means.