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Before you can understand

Before you can understand what Jesus Christ means, one needs an awareness of the spiritual conditions plaguing humanity. Lucifer is behind ALL of it. Lucifer has many evil acolytes, i.e. fallen powers, in the heavenly realm which also manifest on earth in the form of UFOs, monsters, abductions, disease, etc. Lucifer is the father of lies and deceit.

Once one truly understands the massive scope of deception plaguing humanity, it's much easier to be able to forgive. EVERY human on earth is a patsy of evil at times, some more than others. Even Christians fall prey to the manipulations of Lucifer and its minions on the daily basis in the form of anger, errors, ignorance (what human can predict the full ramifications of his action?), etc.

Compassion comes from truly comprehending the scope of the deception. Does the latter understanding mean one will never lose it at times? No, because both the physical and spiritual assault become too much occasionally. Once this realization occurs, Jesus Christ as redeemer is able to step into the picture of one's life and help the believer to forgive. Forgiveness and love for an enemy don't necessarily mean a total surrender of judgment. Love for an enemy means having sufficient compassion and tolerance for their spiritual condition that ENABLES your enemy to eventually see the need for Jesus Christ's salvation and hence become your friend instead of your enemy. If someone treats you badly, try to ignore it. If an enemy is in need of physical help, try to assist.

Understand the spiritual forces behind behavior of humans and their condition. One of my pastors once made this statement and it greatly helps me even today: "Love your enemies so they can change" ....