Comment: What I find most interesting, is how you've chosen to Frame this

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What I find most interesting, is how you've chosen to Frame this

You are Framing reality in this instance, defining "Ron Paul followers" and "Alex Jones minions" thusly:

Simply by using those words and the tone of your posts, you have defined two imaginary groups of people - composed of living, complex, diverse *actual individuals* in the real world:

Followers - wise, reasoned, rational, exemplary = Good

Minions - foolish, reactionary, irrational, damnable = Evil

You then take this artificial Frame and take a complex tactic - an indefinably evil tactic, no doubt - and come to an emotionally charged, accusatory challenge to the foolish, Evil latter group.

This is all mainly generated in your head imo.

There are many of us out here that are way, wayyy more concerned with Truth and Solutions and have no use for your Frame.

In answer to your question - which never needed to be Framed the way you just did - and actually is inhibited in being accurately answered by falling into it ... personally I'm sure that it's both.

Of course there are "real" terrorists. There are many people in this world that are turning to violence to push a political view and political change using fear as a weapon.

The sad, creepy reality is that the independent terrorist groups are fighting against the corrupt elites by targeting innocents.

AND the corrupt elites are infiltrating, manipulating, impersonating and outright fabricating terrorist to consolidate their positions.

Normal people that merely wish to live in peace and not be bothered by any of the evil corruption and violence - 99.99999% of the worlds population - don't resort to and would never dream of terrorism.

That doesn't mean we don't step back and objectively view current events without prejudice and come to the conclusion that this guy Alex and his team are often on to something.

Just as this guy Ron is in his way.

Make your own choices. Don't let anyone Frame you