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Read the Col 1...

...passage again. It says 'through Him'. I did not say apart from Him and neither did Paul.

We both agree on the second death, the judgment occurring. We just have a different view on what comes next. Either God will reconcile all, or He will not. Col 1 says He will, and I don't think His Love fails such that He will arbitrarily give up on anyone eventually responding to the Gospel. Otherwise, there will be an eternal scar on Creation -- not all things reconciled through His peace.

He who holds the keys of hell may yet commute the eternal sentence if someone truly seeks restoration as the prodigal. God's Love never fails.

Edit: and just to clarify, I would implore all to seek Him while He may yet be found in this phase of life, before the judgment. Just because all things will one day be reconciled does not mean it is a trivial thing to wander in the outer darkness for eons or even a moment. That would be like trivializing the slide into tyranny because of the hope that someday Liberty will reemerge. Better to avoid the pain of the tyranny at all. And until someone has paid the uttermost farthing and repented of the unpardonable sin of unrepentance, they will not come out. Better to avoid that whole mess and seek Him now.