Comment: love your enemy???

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love your enemy???

screw your ex? gimme a break! love 'em, forgive 'em, let 'em take your life if thou art as God wishes. That's the only way, cause God loves you and forgives you for being a sin...its a full blown revolution, the christians/meek inherit the earth(after the parasitical elite class have their go with 'er first.that may take a million years but we christians have for eternity...

Here is the real deal: Raw Cannabis A Dietary Essential - William Courtney, MD (NORML Live Show) - YouTube.mp4

In the flesh and blood we realist's do your enemy until you're able to love their extermination! You don't really love their extermination per se, rather in great relief to have finally realized these value destroyers were of my own making.

Just quit allowing stit to live off of you, they are called parasites and their purpose/goal is to completely consume/destroy you. They are destined for certain extinction, the only question is whether or not they are able to kill the host first. Stop feeding the maggots already!!!

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!