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As I have already written...

"I agree that Christ is the only way to heaven."

This clearly implies that I do not view Hinduism as a (or the) true faith. Furthermore, I also have already written, as an acceptable statement that you could make:

"Gandhi is in hell if he did not repent and turn to Christ."

While you just wrote:

"If you believe what Gandhi believed and do not repent of it and turn to Jesus Christ, you will wind up in hell."

I don't have any argument with your statement above, as it has essentially the same theological content as the statement from me which preceded it. I do, however, have a problem with your making the following statement...

"I have no reason to believe that Gandhi was ever a believer or saved, and that he is not in hell."

... as a justification for making this earlier statement:

"Gandhi is burning in hell."

You do not have God's omniscience, and you should not make sweeping, categorical statements as if you do. You were not there when Gandhi lay dying, and you do not know what the Holy Spirit was doing in Gandhi's heart at that moment. To jump from the conditional ("Gandhi is in hell if he did not repent") to the categorical ("Gandhi is in hell") without having the knowledge needed to make that jump is presumptuous and inappropriate. Furthermore, doggedly insisting that Gandhi is, for certain, in hell lends itself to the impression that you want him to be in hell, and this is bad.

Finally, you said:

"I detect an implicit spirit in you, that does not say things directly. It is, I have learned from experience, not a good sign."

I disagree, as one should learn to make one's points without being needlessly insulting and abrasive (especially when one is preaching the Gospel). However, I have made an attempt in this post to be more direct than in my previous posts to you; hopefully, I have succeeded.

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